Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Shahid R. Mir, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research thesis highlights the glaring issue of reduction of global warming in relation to compliance of Green Shipping Practices (GSPs) by shipping firms which subsequently increases the loyalty of Pakistani Companies towards them. As global shipping increases, the focus on curbing the pollution due to marine shipping of goods is also increasing. As the awareness in society is increasing regarding global warming and environmental issue, Companies are questioned by customers about the eco friendliness of their supply chain. There is increasing pressure on the shipping industry to conform to more serious environmental rules and to be greener and cleaner in its operations. Furthermore, as Companies should take the responsibility for their partners’ environmental problems, they also put pressure on shipping service providers to be environmentally friendly. Hence, shipping service providers play a pivotal role in building up the brand image of the Shippers/Companies (users of shipping services).

This research paper is aimed at establishing the fact that there is a direct and positive co-relation between Green Shipping Practices (GSPs) of shipping firms and Pakistani companies’ loyalty. Quantitative research methodology (120 targeted samples via questionnaire) and qualitative research methodology (9 targeted interviews of industrial experts) have adopted to study the relationship among variables from three different industrial sectors of Pakistan including Petroleum, Pharmaceutical and FMCG. Questionnaire survey applies in the research using 5- Likert scale administer online whereas structured interviews were also the part of this research. Regression analysis was used to prove the hypotheses using MINITAB. The research findings suggested that there is a strong positive co-relation among green shipping practices and companies’ loyalty. Researchers will conduct future research to find in-depth detailed analysis and relationship between GSPs and companies’ loyalty of other industrial sectors of Pakistan to compare the results.

In the end of this report, recommendation has generated whereby a framework has suggested by this study to shipping service providers in the form of nine clusters and twenty-five categories which should aid the shipping firms to increase their compliance of green shipping practices which eventually will increase the loyalty of Pakistani Companies as shipping users towards them. Moreover, by adopting green shipping practices, the global issue of increased environmental emissions would also address making the environment cleaner and greener.



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