Master of Business Administration Executive

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School of Business Studies (SBS)

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Dr. Rameez Khalid, Associate Professor, Department of Management Dr. Muhammad Wasif, Visiting Faculty, Department of Management

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Currently, Pakistan is suffering from an economic crisis to its worst, and due to this people have become risk-averse in investing large funds. There is scarce awareness about the implementation and effectiveness of a Project Management Office. An effective Project Management Office ensures that projects are planned, executed, and monitored efficiently, with resources allocated appropriately. It helps to identify areas where costs can be reduced or avoided and ensures that projects are completed on time and within budget. This not only saves the organization money but also improves overall project performance, increasing the chances of success. In addition, an effective Project Management Office can help to establish a culture of accountability within the organization. By tracking costs and resource utilization, the Project Management Office can identify areas for improvement and work with project teams to ensure that they are following best practices and meeting performance standards. This can help to reduce waste and increase efficiency, ultimately benefiting the organization. The research was conducted in the quest to explore the answer to the research question that what makes a Project Management Office effective when established in the Hi-rise construction industry of Pakistan and with the objective to evaluate Project Management Office maturity for the construction sector of Pakistan, to ascertain Phases required to develop an effective Project Management Office in the hi-rise construction industry of Pakistan and to gauge the effectiveness of establishing a Project Management Office in the hi-rise construction industry of Pakistan. The research is motivated by the current situation of our construction industry in Pakistan. All the individuals who are striving for excellence in the construction industry have no or scarce knowledge of a Project Management Office. Being a third-world country, we are deprived of the greatest sources of knowledge to enlighten our country and grow prosperously. In this research, both Primary and secondary research has been performed. In Primary research, management-level people who have PMO knowledge or are running PMO were contacted. A purposive sampling technique was used to select the organizations. In Secondary research, the Literature review was covered which inculcated research papers, articles, and books to support the objectives. The Interview guide developed to conduct the interviews were divided into 2 parts: Structured and Semi-structured interview. First was a general introduction and personal PMO Experiences and second was further divided into trades (Effectiveness and phases of development) which were linked to the research objectives. A mixed method of research was used that includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis. In Quantitative analysis, 105 responses were recorded that showed an overall maturity level of PMO in Pakistan as 55%. Qualitative analysis was conducted through content analysis via interactive interviews that confirmed the finding by reflecting the lack of awareness of PMO's role in the construction sector in Pakistan. It also confirmed that deploying PMO in its essence and providing its full support through resources and proper training of concerned chances of cost overrun can be minimized. Themes of effectiveness and development phases were spoken about by the respondents. It is recommended that through management support, an increased level of awareness, and by allocating sufficient resources, the PMO maturity level in Pakistan's construction industry can be enhanced to further improve its contribution to Pakistan's construction industry. Research in the scope pertaining to PMO is very limited in Pakistan, a lot of research is yet to be done and implemented so that benefits can come across. However, this project will be helpful for future researchers who wish to strive for the efficacy of a Project Management Office in the construction industry of Pakistan. The limitation of this research is that it expresses the effectiveness of a PMO pertaining to the construction industry only. However, there are many more industries that ensure the implementation of a PMO such as IT industry.




This research is for people in the construction industry who wish to explore the current status of our construction industry. The challenges as well as the need for a project management office to increase the effectiveness of a project or an organization as a whole.

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