Ali Mukhtar


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award


Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access


Solar energy, Challenges, Pakistan

Executive Summary

This research intends to look for the possibility of developing locally assembled PV module plant which can be sold the Pakistani urban & Industrial consumers. The rate at which the solar modules have flooded in urban and rural areas is hard to ignore. It is inevitable not to consider why PV modules cannot be manufactured in Pakistan given such a huge market exist for Solar energy which will continue to grow for a foreseeable future. The existing shortfall and rising tariff rate gives an opportunity to renewable energy most notably Solar. The research study will try to understand the perception of urban consumers about Solar Energy, Value chain actors in Solar PV sector and effective ways for manufacturing PV Modules in Pakistan. Our Research will be designed in four phases. Phase-I: Exploratory Research in which we study available literature on Solar Industry and its impact on Pakistan Rural and urban areas in combatting Load shedding. This will also include Interview with the subject experts who are associated with Solar PV Industry in Pakistan (Annexure I) Phase II: Descriptive Research of using Survey method where data will be collected in the form of questionnaire (Annexure II) from urban population to know their response towards solar Technology and acceptance for this Renewable Technology. Phase-III: The inputs from Descriptive research and from Solar Experts will be used to determine the necessary conclusion for available opportunities in solar sector in Pakistan. The possibility for a new Solar PV Plant will be assessed based on the inputs along with the desired production capacity of the Unit. This shall also include technical specification required for the desired Assembly Plant. Phase-IV: We will evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended Strategy to operate solar assembly Plant. This will include operational and financial details including Organogram, Income statement and Payback Analysis.



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