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Executive Summary

The topic Scope of Bullet proof glass in Pakistan*' was selected by me considering the security need of people that how unsafe they become in security laps while they are optically visible. I have to gone through different process to design the report like, I did secondary research that includes Technavio Platform, industry publications, news articles, analyst reports, and the data published by Government agencies. While the primary research was done by the help of in-depth interviews with industry experts who are glass processors, meeting with focused group of importers and traders and a survey with 100 participants who belonged to glass business like retailers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, traders, processors and fabricators.

Interviews with industry experts and meeting with focused group helped me designing my research questions and my survey with 100 participant as described above helped me to get the answer of my research questions.

The main problem I feel during composing this research that no secondary data is available for Pakistani market that can be used as reference basis therefore 1 had to gone under deep research to get the ground realities of the scope of this product.

Based on the research done to find the scope of bullet proof glass in Pakistan, it was found that people prefer to spend on their security more than they would spent in the past due to rising terror strikes, so the need of Bulletproof is rising in Pakistan. The main issue in Pakistan is that the glass manufacturer companies are just focusing on the normal sheet or float glass and then the second tier of manufacturer cum processors who use all other work in glass like tempering, belting, grinding edging etc. However, none of them is directly involve providing bullet proof glass solution as a vertically integrated service provider.

Therefore, there is no focus on this product of a particular group of people found in the marketing and advertising of this product. Therefore, people are vague and feeling many hurdles to get this product. In my working, I found that the Fabricators/processors should step forward and provide the solutions with proper marketing and advertising of the product so the current customers as well as future prospect may find it easy to get this product at their doorstep at a single call. At present customer, prefer to use imported bulletproof glass due to their lack of knowledge about this product. Because the product is very simple as there are multiple layers of normal glass used along with polycarbonate layers that disperse the pressure/energy of the projectile and make it safe to penetrate the bullet through glass. So if the local producers come in this field so they will defmably work with better ROI due to their easy procurement option that are available in Pakistan.



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