Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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Dr. Shahid R. Mir

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

The objective of my study is to explore the behavior of diabetologist to digitalization in diabetes market, their feedback on social media platforms & the future of digitalization. Digitalization is an unexplored area in Pakistan healthcare industry. Diabetes has high prevalence in Pakistan with every 01 in 04 persons being diabetic. In order to deep dive into digitalization trend in Pakistan’s diabetes market, diabetologist from different cities of Pakistan were interviewed. There were interesting facts discovered during these exploratory interview sessions. The doctors have embraced digital tools but consider Pakistan’s patient population in infancy stage to accept this change. Face to face is preferred communication method with the patients while digitalization is practiced when & where needed. Similarly, pharma companies need to operate on a hybrid model while interacting with physicians. Social media ethics & authenticity need to be inculcated in society by mutual efforts of physicians & government bodies. To make the most out of digital transformation, physician, patient & pharma need to work in close coordination.

The concept of Digitalization will be truly accepted in healthcare industry with the synergistic efforts of doctor, patient, government & pharmaceutical industry. Doctor & patient need to train themselves about the appropriate use of digital tool while government & pharma industry need to spend on developing the infrastructure and creating awareness about impact of digitalization. Diabetes consultation shouldn’t be 100% digital, but a hybrid model should be adopted by doctors to bring ease in consultation process. Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) need to allocate budget for public awareness digital campaigns. Pharmaceutical industries should allocate resources for digital media plan & initiatives. The need of digitalization has already been recognized by doctors. With the right transfer of resources i.e., time & money into the digital platform, it will not only improve learning outcomes of doctor & reach of pharmaceutical industry but also facilitate patients to get personalized diabetes care.


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