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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research project is about investigating the problems and challenges of developed and developing world/economies, so to understand it and accordingly present a solution to one problem (out of many) from Pakistan perspective that is suitable in long term and economically viable. The problem highlighted are growing population in Karachi (urban sprawl), extremely un affordable housing scenario, citizens facing difficulties in getting the basic services and necessities for their living and expensive and unsustainable energy usage. Therefore, to accomplish this objective secondary along with primary research was carried out which includes number of interviews, survey, visits, meetings/ coordination and focus group discussion with Builders, Town planner, Engineers, Project management professional, Consultant, K-Electric, Solar company, Banks and Investors. In this 4th industrial revolution, the world dynamics has changed drastically, it offers both challenges and opportunities. Pakistan, a developing country is also facing many challenges so is the Karachi city and its residents. From Literature review, the problems the city and its people are dealing with is highlighted along with understanding the transformation trend by learning from countries already work on it such as China, UAE, Singapore. To address the major challenge of urbanization and sustainable energy use, the research design is built on a strategy to envisioned the concept that is to plan a greenfield colony based on sustainable energy usage. The vision is to resolve the problem of citizens and an effort to make this research a bench mark study for planners and strategist. Our approach for this research is based on qualitative and quantitative data. Initially secondary research is conducted with selection of few reference, article and bench mark research papers then based on that primary research was conducted in a logical sequence with relevant stakeholders that are expert in their respective fields. To strengthen the research work, a focus group talk was carried to further streamline the work. The study also uses descriptive and inferential approach to organize, tabulate and analyze data in the form of graphs, table and charts that will help reader to understand and provide a clear understanding on the importance of this research and use it for further exploration. The work performs to find the possibility of a greenfield energy colony in Karachi is based on three stages. First we cover the managerial part i.e. to understand the need of prospective residents, cover Technical aspect which includes calculating infrastructure and energy requirements, land selection and shortlisting, regulating body for performance framework, land approval procedures and project developer / owner guiding steps as well. Commercial aspect includes calculating cost for installation of PV solar system along with financial indicators, financing mechanism and marketing campaign required for the project to make the research work of significant importance. From the research, we found a positive response and around 80% of people are willing to live in that colony and on the use of renewable energy as well. Locations were identified and we were able to rank the location based on SWOT analysis. Energy cost structure is developed along with financial indicators based on 25 years period and found that all financial indicators Page | 7 have a positive growing trend. In this research thesis secondary research, survey, interviews and focus group talks were conducted and different stakeholders were engaged to explore the possibility of a Greenfield energy colony in Karachi for pilot study of 5000 prospective residents with the focus on energy requirement as a case study. The results and findings are positive and encouraging and will help for getting the best practices, recommendation and suggestions for strategist and planner.



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