Ayesha Moin


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

In recent years second hand products have received tremendous attention and demand for second hand products has increased. Recent outbreak of COVID-19 (corona virus) has not only effected public health but also has also created worst economic contraction in decades including hundreds of thousands of job losses. It has also forced authorities worldwide to implement series of actions to reduce its impact including lock downs, distant learning, work from home and work place hazard controls. These measures have increased the demand of used ICT products. Pakistan is no exception as the imports data of ICT products indicates the increase in the demand of used IT products during last year. Pakistan e-commerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds. There are multiple e-portals currently in Pakistan that are providing e-shopping services to the customers with door step deliveries. Pakistan’s ecommerce landscape has become further sophisticated with the mushrooming of websites for sales of cars, real estate and travel etc. But unfortunately there is no dedicated E-portal for used IT products from where customers can easily search, compare and buy verified used IT products through contactless shopping. Meanwhile there is a lack of research regarding challenges faced by customers when shopping used IT products online. The purpose of this study is to access the market feasibility of dedicated e-market place for used and refurbished IT products in Pakistan with some warranty. This research used both qualitative and quantitative methods to access market demand, customer challenges and sellers willingness for new e-portal. The data was collected through questionnaire, interviews and focus groups. The empirical findings from the questionnaire show that Price, trust, attitude and usefulness are the factors that affect behavior of customers while they opt for buying used IT products online. Market analysis indicated that current players of e-commerce industry of Pakistan like Daraz and OLX are selling used IT products on their portal while some of the retailers and whole sellers are selling used IT products through their own website but there is a gap which can be fulfilled by creating dedicated market place with target customers. Preliminary financial analysis showed that it will take 3 years for the portal to return the initial investment if only used IT products will be sold on the portal. Few Whole sellers and almost all retailers on the other hand who are not currently selling on or gave a very positive response for dedicated e-portal for used IT products and even agreed to verify their products on some basic criteria given by the e-portal. Inventory update was the biggest challenge for the sellers as currently 80% of them update their inventory manually in their systems.


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