Feasibility study of chemical retailing business in Karachi


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access


Chemical industry | Purchasing/selling -- Karachi | Business plan

Executive Summary

The research conducted was conducted to develop a feasibility study of chemicals retailing business in Karachi. The research w In this research, we are covering the facts about the increasing demand of chemicals retailing market in Pakistan due to CPEC and economic revolution and the increasing demands of this market customer. We have collected the optimal data to capture this opportunity in chemicals sector and to reduce the gap between current traders operating in this industry and their customers. For a low-cost entrepreneurship model, we have first planned to deal in only limited chemicals in which we can deal at initial level and know the trends of this industry, for this reason we have gathered data of imported chemicals to know about our target customer and suppliers for these chemicals because in current scenario chemicals sector is working as a pillar in our economy and in this sector retailing has big scope, so we will focus within limited range of products. For this purpose, we have worked on data of our target chemicals suppliers, customers and market share of these chemicals for the year 2016 and identified the gap in the current era. In this study it is also describe that how this type of gap can be filled by providing better facilities to customers and how better employment opportunities can be provided with increasing motivation of employees that can benefit our society. The objective of this research is also to explore the potential of target chemicals market and to find out the right products mix for this business and to assess what types of funding are available. The methodology for this research is secondary data that is collected from published reports and articles and data like has code of chemicals, various articles regarding retailing market and chemicals position and requirement of these chemicals have been collected from import statics. Primary research is based on retail & wholesale market survey for pricing of chemicals, survey for user acceptability and their preference choices, interview has been conducted with chemicals traders, industrialist and peoples related to this industry. Convenience sampling method is used for this research. Literature is mainly based on published reports in Pakistan and in foreign magazines. Target market or demand analysis is solely assessing through the analysis on import data. Operation feasibility is also conducted in which evaluating the best products to enter in market.

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