Business plan for a new application based courier service in Pakistan : service in Pakistan an entrepreneurial venture


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Postal service--Special delivery -- Pakistan | Entrepreneurial ship

Executive Summary

Summary: This research paper studies the concept of a courier service business, without owning their own fleet. It would be in a similar manner how ride-hailing companies provide taxi services to general public a common man for the ride. However, these companies have moved very commercial in this business model. People are driving as dedicated taxi service providers full-time. In this report, we have studied the idea of how this can be made more cost efficient in terms of courier services. The idea is, if you are already moving_ on a particular route. irrespective of any parcel delivery. then only you would be used for the delivery, on that route. '1 his would be squeezing the opportunity cost for the person traveling, Ill that route All of this would he made possible through smartphone application which can assess the best available choices. In this paper. I have studied and referred relevant articles, websites and companies that are similar in nature or at least have something to contribute to my study. Moving forward a few interviews were also carried out, to refine our study. Most importantly an extensive primary research \\:as carried out to assess potential in our business and mold it as per inclination studied in this primary survey. A detailed product and pricing study has been carried out too. The paper concludes that with this stud. it is possible to work over the sunk costs of travelling. making them useful for delivering parcels. The proposed model is feasible as per the promising financial studies in this paper. The convenience offered to the supply side will bring in more partners to our portfolio. while the reasonable pricing will bring in footfall of more customers. Since it will start off with the consumer market, sooner or later- when the operations are smooth and the demand and supply, gaps are more predictable with experience, the B2B customers also be brought in to our portfolio with special professional offers. This would give a steep revenue growth to the business, while we will have worked on better customer facilitation techniques to serve [3213 in a better way.

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