Ayaz Moeed


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

E-Commerce is a very attractive avenue for developing businesses these days. Many existing companies have also started selling their products online. The main reason for selling products online is to provide market information regarding a particular product which includes the prices, comparisons and alternatives. Through this research an effort was made in determining whether E-Commerce can be helpful for existing restaurants. The main idea of the project is to determine the potential of integrating E-Commerce into the Brick and Mortar business model of restaurants.

Primary research had been conducted in order to identify the attitude of consumers towards E-Commerce in Pakistan specifically relating to the food industry. In Depth interviews with restaurant owners and managers were conducted in order to assess and evaluate their opinion and viewpoint regarding the integration of E-Commerce in their business models. Variables were identified in the literature regarding banners and benefits of E-Commerce. Case of neighboring countries including India and Bangladesh were discussed in order to identify the benefits these countries have obtained by implementing e-commerce into their marketplace.

The study revealed:

1. Restaurants do have a potential to integrate E-Commerce into their business model but, the market is not lucrative.

2. Consumer trust and cultural factors were identified as the first level hindrance to ECommerce in Pakistan. Along with that, lack of legislation regarding E-Commerce and Credit Card use is identified as second level hindrances.

3. Pakistan has less legislation regarding the conduct of businesses online.

4. Consumers have shown reluctance in purchasing food online due to factors affecting the freshness and quality of food and other social factors.

5. The consumers do not trust online sellers because there are not enough online businesses which can provide effective price and product comparisons.


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