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According to the white paper published by Pakistan Dairy Development Company (PDDC) Pakistan is the fourth largest milk producer in the world. The Dairy sector accounts for 55% in value added of agriculture sector. It is the life line of rural economy as an estimated j5-40 million rural populations is engaged with dairy animals. Specially, most of the work of cattle is being performed by the women at home. All experts agree that it has great potential to grow but it faces lot of inherent problems. However, PDDC has emerged as a ray of hope for the dairy sector in Pakistan to break the inertia. But unfortunately it has been facing the same problems as earlier dairy programs have faced in the country with ambitious targets and failure to achieve those on a whole. PDDC is a public private partnership and is a three phased program over that started in 2005 and expected to continue till 2015. However, after 18*'' amendment this subject has been devolved and provinces instead have started their own dairy programs and have refused to adopt PDDC.

This paper aimed at understanding the efforts taken by PDDC in development of an entrepreneurial class among the farmers. In order to reach at the conclusion I have selected some parmeters and on the basis of those I have done simple statistical analysis to see how PDDC has helped fanners to increase their profitability. In fact my findings attest to the fact PDDC has been successful with its training and education of farmers to increase their productivity, profitability and entrepreneurial abilities and on average the milk production of the selected farmers has increased by 1.193 liters per animal per day.The study was cainied out through questionnaires and interviews were conducted with PDDC employees and PDDC registered farmers in six districts of Sindh . However, PDDC is facing a possible closure due to dry out of funds meant for the organization.


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