Zeeshan Toor


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The aim of this research is identify and analyze the impact of demographic profile on Business opportunities in Gilgit-Baltistan. With the inception of CPEC the importance of the area has grown many folds. The area is normally away from the eye of domestic and international businesses due to its far flungness, all of this is about to change. The study will help future researchers to understand what tangible and non-tangible factors are required for the new businesses to succeed in the region. A description of the area alongwith its history has been given in the start. Hypothesis, Ho and Ha was incepted keeping in view the problem. Questioner was made keeping in mind the nature of the study and ethical concerns. Focus group was done by incorporating people or all areas and sects in order to get true data. Interviews were carried out in the region to ascertain true sentiments of the people. Inferences were drawn using statistical tools available and valid hypothesis was selected along with conclusions and recommendations. It is important to mention here that in order to validate the research, evaluation has been done using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Tools used were SPSS and MS Excel. Gilgit-Baltistan is a large area with a strategic importance for Pakistan. It has borders in the north with China, in the east with India and in the west with Afghanistan. Khunjerab pass is one of the highest passes in the world and is used for trade with China. Tracks are used to conduct trade with Afghanistan through Pamir Mountains in the east. It comprises of seven districts, each with their own dynamics. Bordered with India, the region has seen some of fierce battles and with huge deployment of force still standing eye ball to eye ball. With the emergence of CPEC, the importance of the area has grown many folds. With the influx of foreign capital, it has now become imperative to not only look for opportunities in the area for business but also understand the area itself. Local business ethics and prevailing security situation in the region have a direct impact upon the revenue that can be generated. Normally off the radar, the area has seen tremendous development in the last decade. Seeing its direct impact on the security of Pakistan, hostile forces have now started to tlex their muscles in the region with an orchestrated effort to destabilize it. To accomplish this task, they are not only using espionage, sabotage and subversion tactics but also disgruntled elements of the local population. Ethnic diversity and sect profile is being used as a weapon of choice by the enemy. Low government output coupled with economic conditions of the region add insult to injury and further aggravate the issue. The region has no local industry or agriculture which it exports or sends down country and relies primarily on economic aid from the government. Almost all agricultural items it produces ends up being consumed in Gilgit-Baltistan. The area has received vast subsidies from the government due to its meager revenue generating capacity which had a negative impact on the people of the region. The study will help us understand the underlying sentiments of the local population regarding effects of a paradigm shift in the region brought by CPEC. Another important feature of the area is the Karakorum Highway (KKH) which is epicenter of trade down country and a linchpin of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The population which lives astride this route is primarily Sunni while those in Gilgit are Shiite. Any threat or incident to Sunni populace in GB would have a direct bearing on Shia population alongside KKH. In the report, an effort has been made to get factual data demonstrating the concern of the local population regarding new business which can and will come from down country into the region. Also how CPEC, which is a major game changer particularly for the region 111 terms of business, in-coming Chinese cultural on-slough and human efficiency will effect lives of local people and would it be better or for worse. The study will be vital for businesses coming from down country to the region as it would help them understand the exact dynamics that they could face in the region and to shape their business and corporate strategy accordingly. A special effort has been made to cover all districts and strata of Gilgit-Baltistan so that a complete figure can be obtained and analyzed.



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