Ali Merchant


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

This project studies e-learning and its development in the context of IBA being able to augment its current product offering.

There are three parts to this report that analyze this innovation in different contexts: first, the context of IBA’s existing organization and the practical innovation that e-learning can offer to build upon its existing program offering through its introduction at the school.Second, it delves into e-learning and seeks support for it through past literature as well as through

questionnaires administered to individuals from the realm of business. Third, it offers robust recommendations and a brief discussion and plan on marketing the same.

The purpose of data collection through primary research was two-fold: a) to gauge familiarity and favorability for e-learning in Pakistan; and b) validate that the demand for the same at an management institute delivering excellence since the decade after Pakistan was born.

There is also discussion within the research section on how e-learning works and what it entails in terms of hindrances and any special requirements or considerations for the same. One easy conclusion that the research presented was that e-learning was equal than equally effective when compared with traditional learning methodologies. A contentious issue that is raised was regarding student motivation. However, extensive discussion on the subject was beyond the scope of this project and warrants further research.

The project ends with a practical marketing plan that can be executed as per the recommendation of the board for considerations for this mode of learning. It must be stressed however, that e-learning is not an option but a need of the hour in order for IBA to remain the vanguard of excellence in delivering management education in the country.



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