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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

An attempt has been made in this research study to discover the underlying factors that continue to plague Pakistan despite having the resources to ensure that the country is removed from the list that states, that besides a few other countries, Pakistan has one of largest non-school going child population in the world. The study identifies the problems with the educational sector of Pakistan and highlights the areas which require immediate attention. Research for the study, conducted in Karachi and Sukkur through a survey indicates that the general public is not only cares for the concept of right to education but has also unanimously agreed on the corrective measures to be taken. Key findings from the survey have prompted recommendations that although may appear to be revolutionary but are nonetheless highly effective if planned and implemented with a sincere dedication. The will to implement article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan has to be discovered and personified.

The government of Pakistan is focused to improve school education. Since 1947 started devising educational policies and plans for the improvement in education sector. Almost eight educational five year plans, and policies have been developed to bring about change in quality and access to it. Due to all these efforts there has been a lot of progress in enrollment, number of institutions, teacher education and student learning achievements at all levels of school education. With the initiatives of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution and the further devolution of powers to the provinces, Sindh and all other provinces in Pakistan mainly face various challenges, but also have a unique opportunity to undertake multiple steps to improve the governance of education. This study focuses on the facts regarding emerging trends related policy and planning, governance, financing and accountability. More than this, the research is to comment on educational leadership and management as a field of study, focusing especially on emerging trends, existing situation and role of reformers to introduce policies and reforms in the education department province of Sindh after 18th amendment.



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