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Executive Summary

The Pakistani nation blindly believes that a strong military is the sole guarantee for her security; but strangely, also feels the burden of heavy expenditure on it. As defined by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need; a strong military fulfills our Safety Needs. Military Spending will cause economy in some time in the future to either benefit or suffer as a result of this spending. In some countries, defence causes growth, in others growth causes defence and yet in others a feedback relationship or no relationship exists.

The expense of standing armies can be measured in three different ways— either in labour, in time, or in money. For an average country, a doubling of military expenditure reduces the growth rate for a period, eventually leading to a reduction in level of income. The global average for military spending is around 3.5 percent of GDP, but it ranges from virtually zero, to an astonishing 45 percent. Pa Pakistan's average for military spending is around 3.24 percent of GDP. The need for national defence will lessen only with the spread of enlightened and philanthropic views throughout the world. But till it have arrived, we are bound, to have a strong Standing Army.

The research topic, ‘Strategic Direction for Military Spending in Pakistan’ has a mega scope in the context of Pakistan; it goes beyond mere economic focus or testing a hypothesis against some variables. Associated with it are serious questions of survival and existence; each miscalculation has and would cost us a geographic re defining of frontiers. There is bitter criticism in the Country over the question of keeping a large Army; but, on the other hand, a strong military is our guarantee to existence, stability and progress, in that order of priority. Pakistan has a complex security environment, the internal structure is very weak; the institutions are fragile, the nation is not unified and there is too much vulnerability. Ever since her inception, Pakistan has been in a state of war. The environment will necessitate strong Military Forces in Pakistan.

The research paper focuses on understanding various determinants and factors carving our Security Need. The Defence Burden on this poor nation is exaggerated but, something which is a must. The Strategic Direction for Military Spending in Pakistan is the outcome of our Strategic choices and compulsions.



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