Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research has been carried out to define the current demographics and various factors related to inefficiency of the private security guards in Karachi as the number of private security guards had outnumbered the police and the government law enforcement agencies in Karachi for last decade and the growing job market of this industry has witnessed glaring difference between, in the number of ex-army personnel and civilian (With no prior security experience). This gap has widened over the years and presently the civilian guards have outnumbered the ex-army guards which has brought certain challenges not only for the private companies as well as for all the stakeholders including the police and clients.

However, it is also significantly noticed that over the years the civilian security guards have also been re-shaped and disciplined into the industry and have the competitive advantage of age and permanent residence in Karachi over the ex-army guards who in majority belong to the areas outside of Karachi and relatively older in age.

Since there had not been any research conducted on the subject before therefore the secondary research was retrieved from the print media. The primary research was conducted with 10 interviews with professionals and the stakeholders of the industry as well as with the help of 190 question airs which significantly led the research more specific and valuable.

This research is first of its kind hence will be highly beneficial for the security industry and would be a beacon for the future researchers.



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