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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Songalbum is a Facebook application for people who enjoy singing, and those who like to listen to new singers. By making the process of singing extremely easy and social, and by hosting online singing competitions, Songalbum plans to attract a large number of singers and non-singers as users.

It is safe to say that most people, at some point in their youth, dream of becoming a pop or rock star. Not everyone has the talent and the looks required to do so. Even less have the means or the luck of being at the right place at the right time. Songalbum plans to jump through all the boundaries placed by a materialistic and conservative music industry and society. It plans to do so by placing the decision of creating a star into the right hands— that of the listeners and the public, and not a hi-fi executive of a multibillion dollar record label who is motivated by corporate greed. All the while, the singing process promises to be easy, fun and social

Songalbum is more than just an application; it is a platform as well. As such, it aims to become one of the biggest databases of music performances by amateur singers on the internet. Listeners are given the ability to like, rate, share and comment on songs, allowing the creation of online communities based around shared musical interest and musical and singing performances. The rating system in particular helps to filter the best singers to the top, while songs can also be searched by different genres and whether they are karaoke tracks or covers. Listeners are also given the option of making different playlists of their favorite tracks and sharing those tracks on different social media platforms using widgets.

It is an integral part of Songalbum's mission to keep the singing process easy. So much so that their brand promise and slogan is "Everyone can sing!" To accomplish this, extreme care was taken to develop an app which, according to the developer and CEO of Songalbum, "Even our mothers could use." The principle is to make singing so easy and fun that people have no excuse not to sing. An option to sing as an anonymous user, where your identity is hidden from anyone else using Songalbum, allows you to sing without the fear of your family and peers discovering your lack of talent.

Aside from being a platform for aspiring singers and being a fun and social app for kids and young adults, Songalbum also has its use for artist and musicians, brands and businesses, and talent hunters. The ability to start online singing competition makes Songalbum an excellent marketing tool as well as a serious revenue churner for the owners.

Songalbum is a unique venture for the country of its origin, Pakistan. From finding venture capitalist to fund the project, to advisors and people the experience who can help build it, to being far away from your biggest markets, Pakistan poses its own set of challenges for this startup.

Songalbum has amazing capabilities of going viral and becoming one of the most popular music apps on the internet. This business plan dwells deep into the thought process behind the key features, both functional and emotional, of Songalbum. It discusses the philosophy behind the vision, mission, values and promise of the application. It describesin detail the value proposition for different types of customers. It then goes on to discuss the revenue model, as well as the marketing plan for the application. To conclude we discuss the barriers to entry, future plans and exit strategy.

However, to begin with, it is important that we discuss some important technical terms imperative to the plan.



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