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PET resin is manufactured in Pakistan since is an industrial product. It is a granule used for making PET bottles. PET —the Polyethylene terephthalate - is a resin for making PET bottles used for food stuff containerization and other food grade packaging. PET is formally approved by FDA, Food and Drug Administration USA.

Coca Cola and PEPSI In soft drinks and Nestle In water are major users of these bottles worldwide.

PET resin manufacturing plants are built mostly on scale economy basis. Generally, the manufacturing capacity of a given plant can meet international as well as domestic demand of PET resin. China, India and USA are the exceptions.

The sub continent including Pakistan has seen a consistent growth in the quantity demanded of PET resin. At the same time, application of PET resin has diversified significantly.

In Pakistan, there is a sole manufacturer of PET resin producing 600MT per day. Nonetheless, it can be imported into the country whenever there is a significant price difference. There is an about 8 % import duty on it.

PET resin does not have a substitute. An International lab may bring up an other product with superior characteristics which may erode PET resin monopoly entirely.



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