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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Construction industry the world over considered as the basic industry upon which the development of the country depends mainly, world wide the standard and the capability of construction companies determined by the country growth and developmental status. Despite this much importance of this sector it is still being considered as one of the neglected sector in Pakistan. The construction industry is considered here backward in Pakistan because there is no use of the latest advances in technology, management styles and procedures in this particular industry. Along with that there was also a very meager amount was spent in research and development of this sector to bring the latest advances.

Nowadays, it is being observed that failure in construction projects becomes the habit, which affected to all its parameters upon which the project success is dependent like time, quality, Cost and scope. In order to develop an effective trade-off between time-scope-cost and maintain the quality of construction, an effective project management with utilization of advanced tools and techniques would be the need for this industry. But unfortunately it was observed that the industry main player i.e. contractor, is not realizing and recognizing this fact and are not making enough efforts to improve their professional competency to a level where they can able to control all project parameters efficiently and deliver the successful projects to their respective clients.

With an aim to bring the improvement by highlighting the weaknesses in our local construction practices and upgrade the industry standard through practicing effective project management and relative tools and techniques. The study is being planned to analyze the practices of local construction fimis particulai'Iy located in Karachi and examine how effectively they applying project management knowledge, its processes and tools and techniques in their respective companies for delivering successful projects. The research study focused only the local construction industry and local players, with specific aims to focus on local contractors' project management practices; in this regard the guide of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) practices. are used as standard and reference guidelines to compare the local was

The research also covered the common issues faced by local construction firms and its Project Managers and how frequently these issues are occurring and affected their projects, awareness of practicing the processes rightly as per PMBOK guide under defined process groups and knowledge areas were also examined. Local construction firms organization structure and project management environment were also taken into consideration to draw some specific inference from the research.

Hopefully, the research would helpful for Construction firms to get know where their weaknesses in project management and how they would improve it. It would also helpful for other stakeholders understand the capability of local construction firms, know the about issues local contractors are facing and also helpful for them to make their expectations accordingly with contractors.



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