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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research report serves as mean of exploring and analyzing various factors that effect employee engagement and motivation in Wal-Mart Global Sourcing (WMGS) Pakistan office. This project was a result of stagnant performance levels of employees over the last 3 Quarters in Pakistan office, most supervisors reported laid back attitude during quarterly and yearly evaluations of associates, lack of participation and motivation was also a common ingredient which lead me to take this as a research.

Various factors that influence employee engagement were first collected and studied through various Internet publications, research papers, articles, books and focus group interview. This data was then used to draft a questionnaire which was surveyed over the entire population in WMGS Pakistan Office.

The Engagement level found for WMGS Pakistan office was found to be 88%. Further analysis revealed that Work Environment had the maximum contribution with a score of 92%. Ail other areas were significantly found important scoring above 70%. The two lowest scoring areas identifies were Career Development and Support and Development both Scoring 73%.

A further analysis shows that the following key areas present an opportunity to further enhance engagement levels and performance of Associates:

i. The absence of standardized job promotion model for high performing individuals can negatively affect high performing individuals who feel they are not rewarded for superior performance.

ii. There is a greater opportunity for local staff to apply and be considered for international job assignments within the same organization with no interruption to their status and length of service.

iii. Training programs are limited and there is no visibility to Associates to look into what training are planned in for the next quarter / year.

iv. There is a need to setup clear and transparent career growth plans so that Associates can work on them accordingly and should have clear goals in their minds.

v. Provident funds and loans for cars and other utilities are highly desired among all Associates. These facilities are being offered to offices in Bangladesh already while Pakistan office, which now has more economic challenges, still cannot benefit from these.

vi. Transparent communication between supervisor and associates with clarity on expectations is highly needed. Associates believe that the information is not fully cascaded down from the top management which leaves a lot doubts in the mind.




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