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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This paper investigates various Indoor physical environmental factors that effect employee’s productivity in Wal-Mart Global Sourcing Pakistan Office. Increased concern of security and low level of Associates interaction in a cubical designed office led Wal- Mart to move a new office facility an year back from Shahrah-e-Faisal, Business Avenue to Clifton, Dolmen Mall - Executive Tower. The office has two important features that catch the eyes at first glance - open space and bright colors. However, over past few weeks associates showed concerns towards too much noise, lack of privacy and lighting issues which led me to take up this research.

The research is causal with work output of the employees as dependent variable, and physical components of the office environment as independent variables. Secondary data was first collected to justify how productivity is affected by office space and other physical factors. Then primary data was collected from 33 Associates in the office through a structured questionnaire on various physical office space factors to analyze their effect on employee’s perception and comfort level.

The study revealed that office design factors of noise & spatial arrangement are negatively affecting employee’s productivity currently. Based on the outcomes from the survey, following actions were recommended:

- Associates that need high concentration during work are suggested to use ear phones and seating arrangements to be re-grouped based on work roles.

- Associates when conducting lengthy phone calls suggested use the conference and other meeting rooms.

- Conference and Video Conference Rooms were recommended to be carpeted to avoid voices leaping outside the rooms.

- Light fixtures placements need to be re-aligned so that Associates get maximum lighting on the desk.

- Since Temperature control is limited, blinds were recommended to be lifted during cold so that sunlight can draw in the main office hall.

During summers, centralized cooling is not enough to keep conference rooms and VC rooms at normal temperature; therefore, additional stand-up fans were recommended.



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