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Layer farming business is an agricultural based project, it was introduced in Pakistan by Pakistan International Airlines PIA in 1963. The Business can be established in both rural and semiurban areas. Commonly, poultry sheds are available on rental basis and they include all required facilities and equipment. Major portion of the cost includes bird feed, vaccinations and the purchasing of Chicks. One layer season consists of two fundamental periods.

  • The Rearing Period
  • The Laying Period

The duration of Rearing period is around 20 weeks while the duration of Laying period is around 52 weeks. Day old chicks of Layer are initially reared for a period of 20 weeks. This is the most critical and vital period and if proper care and handling is not done, the mortality rate of birds can be huge. During the rearing period, birds should be properly vaccinated as the young chicks have a low immunity levels and are vulnerable to harsh environment and diseases. After 20 weeks, the birds start laying eggs for a period of next 52 weeks. On an average, one layer bird lays about 300 eggs per laying season. After the completion of laying period, layer birds are sold in the market as culled birds. The selling price of these birds is determined on per bird basis.



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