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An ISO standard that is used the most used for security of information is ISO/IEC 27001. This standard is though very costly to apply / implement in terms of financials and resources with desired expertise but considered to be of prime importance for those organizations that are in the business of managing critical client information.

This first section of this report highlights how various organizations work together in order to harmonize their standards. Standard are important as they ensure high level of quality, reliability, efficiency and last but not the least safety of products and services they all Organizations that are known for managing standards are listed below:

1. International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Switzerland

2. International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), Paris

3. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), USA

4. International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Switzerland

5. International Electro-technical Commission (lEC), Switzerland

About 17,500 standards prescribed by International Organization for Standards are applied by approximately 162 countries. Standards in access of 1100 are being established every year. The most used standard within the information security field is ISO/IEC 27001. It is used by organizations in order to handle information with requisite safety and security, to accurately and confidently audit information.

Next section details the process of certification in HRS Global. The focus starts from the Company background moving to the business case and stage wise certification process with the model followed for implementation. Subsequent sections highlight the organization initiatives for successful implementation and commitment of the leadership. The final section of the report concludes the process and outlines the future direction of the Company.



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