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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

There is a growing need for Broadband operators and providers in Pakistan to drive down cost of capital assets or infrastructure deployed for telecom services. This has been expressed in recent times by many operators who now come, together, on basis of mutual, agreements, to consider sharing infrastructure to take other vital measures for cost optimization and reduction. The telecom market in Pakistan is driven by growing demand for telecommunications sen/ices like voice, SMS, data services , internet, fax, etc as well as high speed broadband services like video calling, video messaging and video conferencing.

This high demand from Internet users along with the frenzied competition of a gradually maturing Internet market in Pakistan has driven many internet sen/ice providers to explore ways of reaching their potential customers in highly cost efficient and cost effective ways. Therefore, the need to reduce the cost of roil out telecom infrastructure while at the same time attracting increasing numbers of subscribers via quality services and effective network coverage.

This study or research aims at exploring different ways to achieve cost efficiency and revenue assurance. The research is based on discriptive analysis and brainstorming sessions to attain desired level of cost minimization. The study seeks to explore the benefits of the infrastructure sharing deal between other mobile and internet companies, re-engineering of design, resource optimization, efficient site planning and smart operational work model to make this business sustainable and to outshine wl-tribe Pakistan as the most reliable internet service provider company of Pakistan.



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