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MBA Executive Research Project

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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the telecom giant of the country, with its presence from the shores of Karachi in south upto the mountain ranges in north. Over the years it has evolved to meet the requirement of the nation as well as to keep up with the technological advancements world over.

It continues to be a major source of revenue that feeds the economy of the country. Like all other things in the country it is subject to political influence. One such move resulted in its privatization in 2006. This move was not received with too much enthusiasm by the employees and there was also a feeling apprehension from the customers as well.

The post-privatization era of PTCL brought about a lot of cost-cutting which also resulted in the launch of a voluntary separation scheme for the employees. Thousands of skilled workforce of PTCL parted way with the company as a result of this move. PTCL has continued to function but with a slightly different approach and mindset, with revised strategy and targets. There has been an evident dip in the profits of PTCL ever since its management was taken over by Etisalat.

This report aims at identifying the overall organizational performance of PTCL after its privatization and pin-point areas for improvement. It takes a critical review regarding employee motivation and customer satisfaction, with a keen eye on the financial progress.



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