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Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Violence and terrorism has always been part and parcel of human society. One can make a safe prediction that these two will continue to be so in the future also. However, it is only in the present times, that terrorism has confronted modern civilization in different apparel with its unprecedented affliction and is posing a new kind of threat to the established political and social systems. In recent years the free world has witnessed to an ever-growing number of unorthodox and asymmetrical forms of violence in the form of terrorism,

The role of a frontline state was not that new for Pakistan which had played this role during the US proxy war against the USSR in 1980s. On the other hand, the religious groups of Pakistan termed the decision as supporting the Non - Muslims and opposed it with violence. The dilemma was pervasive and had far reaching implications for Pakistan. Though Pakistan joined the coalition against war on terrorism but it was confronted with multidirectional challenges from outside and within. To curb the menace of terrorism, it is necessary to study in detail the causes of terrorism, One simply cannot end terrorism by just eliminating certain individuals, organizations or even by destroying governments. It is vital that our policy-makers understand that this vicious cycle of terror-counter terror cannot be broken unless its root causes, and not just symptoms, are addressed. There is a lesson for the whole world in the US failure to combat terror by purely military means - as evident in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq, These means would not work in Pakistan either. The attempt to eliminate blind acts of violence, while keeping all doors to social and political change blocked, would only create a situation of individual and organized violence being met by increasingly angry and violent retributions

Today, Pakistan is confronted with Internal Security dilemma in the form of Terrorism. The divisions of society on sectarian, religious and ethnic lines pose a threat to our security and are breeding ground for terrorism acts. Weak economy, high inflation, unemployment, high rate of population growth, low literacy level and poor Security 8c Safety care are permanent irritants. Especially, for the last two decades and aftermath of 9/11 tragedy, the major challenges are in the form of deteriorating law and order, ethnicity, religious extremism, sectarianism, weaponization and economic degeneration. There is a dire need to address this menace so that we can stand as a country that is trouble free and respected in the world.



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