Feasibility of developing new shipyard facilities in Pakistan


Avais Fargham


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access


Shipyards -- Pakistan | Shipbuilding -- Industry | Technology

Executive Summary

It is a proven fact that, Nations who realized the importance of seas got benefited and became Great Powers and Nations. The maritime sec development, employment and social cohesion in the developing countries. The shipbuilding industry is vital to the economy as its supports trade and other ancillary services. China began shipbuilding in the 1990's, and by today it is the global leader with 41 percent share; followed by South Korea and Japan with 33 and 20 percent shares, respectively. There are over 1,000 shipyards in China and even India has over 46 shipyards. In comparison, Pakistan has only one shipyard, KS&EW with two small dry docks. This feasibility study is conducted to assess the need and draw probability for developing new shipyard facilities in Pakistan, and how these could play significant role in economic development of the country. This has been achieved by impartial research. Initially the objectives of the feasibility were established, depending upon the comprehensive requirement of shipbuilding industry. Based on the objectives research questions were developed to find out the solutions of the problem. Thereafter the survey questionnaires were designed to determine the current situation and need of the industry precisely. The survey data was analyzed to find out the services gaps and likely explanations. To collect facts and figures one on one interviews with subject matter experts were carried out and focused group discussions were conducted. The data collected was carefully analyzed to find out deductions. Depending on the same, industry SWOT, Cost-benefit analysis and Porter Five Forces model have been applied to analyses as to how this industry could become prime source of economic growth, employment and social cohesion in Pakistan. In addition, comparison has been made with a case study focusing on research questions. Overall mixed research approach has been followed. At the end of the research it is concluded that setting up of new shipyard will result in creation of industrial infrastructure, resulting in job opportunities and saving foreign exchange spent for procurement/repairs of ships/crafts for PN, PNSC, KPT, PQA and other port authorities. In addition, inferences have been established w.r.t. Pakistan's strategic location on the cross road of international SLOCs which can largely contribute in elimination of poverty.

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