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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Over the past decade, mobile communication devices have virtually remodeled the complete landscape of all financial transactions. With over 4 billion mobile devices used globally, the mobile phone has become the most successful consumer device in the history of technological evolution.

The proliferation of smartphones, changing consumer expectations and the entrance of non-traditional competitors has opens up opportunities to re-engineer exiting processes and develop new business models for offering a wide range of services to consumers and businesses, including mobile collections and payments. The success of mobile phones and its extension as an electronic access device has sparked a mobile banking revolution that is an urgent call to action for financial institutions.

Citi has been offering electronic collections suite of services since 1987 and it has consistently grown through both internal investment in new capabilities and strong partnerships. In 2009, Citi undertook a global study with PA Consulting o determine the opportunities within the rapidly growing mobile space and its potential impact on banking services. In one the finding of the underline study, an opportunity was identified in leveraging mobile technology in the receivables space.

In many markets perishable consumer goods like bread, frozen foods, drinks or cereals are distributed directly from the company to the retailer, also referred to as a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) model. Many of these smaller retailers operate in a cash ecOTomy and, thus, pay for their goods in Cash. For the FMCG industry, this poses a few challenges such as driver security, employee fraud, delays in funds availability, and the cost of cash deposits.



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