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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Training and development of employees is desired by all organizations, but not many organizations invest the time or funds required.

This study takes a look at the different approaches to training, focusing on the difference between 'training' and 'learning'. Information has been gathered from secondary sources as regards the global best practices for learning, whereas opinions on the functioning of Bank Alfalah's training department have been gathered from employees. A total of two hundred and ten survey responses were received.

It was found that the majority of Bank Alfalah employees were of the opinion that the in-house training provided by the Learning Division was satisfactory, but they did not see the learning function as being a pro-active contributor to the development of staff and their career progression. Further they cited management's reluctance in allowing their staff from attending training sessions as a major hurdle to the development of a healthy organizational culture and the career progression of individuals.

The report details suggested courses of action broken down conveniently into two broad areas: Internal Changes Needed in the Learning Division, and External Changes Needed in HR and Company Policy.

Internal changes deals with the administrative set-up of the Learning Division, and the training delivery methods used by trainers, External changes have to do primarily with participation by business units in the annual LNA survey.

Further, the need is felt for development of a stronger organizational culture promoting learning by having progression tied to knowledge and skill testing.



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