Halal foods: factors influencing consumers buying behavior in Pakistan


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access


Market surveys | Food industry and trade | Halal foods

Executive Summary

In the recent times owing to globalization the influx of new products and services has been on rise and hence, the thought and realization of product being Halal or of good quality also took birth. The research talks about consumers, Pakistani Muslim consumers and the factors that influence their buying behavior regarding imported food products in Pakistan. The factors taken under consideration are Halal Certification of the product, Country of Origin and Brand Familiarity. The research has been aimed to find which of these factors highly affects the consumers buying behavior and get more accurate understanding of how Muslims consumers replicate their behavior and preference in the choice of Halal brands from based on country of origin and brand name familiarity. The study is a mixed research concentrated both on quantitative data and qualitative data aimed at gaining insights through which the consumer behavior was analyzed. The following attributes that are Brand Familiarity, Halal Certification and Country of Origin, were explored in this study consisting of four participants in the focus group and, eight interview participants consisting of a mix of students, professionals and housewives Moreover, the survey was conducted with questionnaire, a total of 150 respondents from Karachi participated in the survey and data was analyzed and interpreted through SPSS. In terms of quantitative analysis, Cronbach's alpha was found to be reliable at 0.779. Furthermore, out of the three independent variables, Halal Certification and Brand Familiarity had strong correlation as compared to Country of Origin against Consumer Buying Behavior. It was found out in the study that consumers purchase imported food product on weekly basis and word of mouth and social media influenced people's purchase decision. With increase in availability of imported food products, Halal label has become very significant before making a purchase as it gives assurance that the product is genuinely Halal. It was observed that countries with stricter laws and policies on Halal Certification were favoured over countries with not much regulation. Overall thhe study result shows that the Brand Name familiarity trustworthiness prevails over theimportance of Halal Certification and Country of Origin.

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