Hassan Ahmed


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Topic "Asset Integrity Management" has been selected by the participant because of several years' experience at related roles and feeling the need of this framework in industry. This research project provides the introduction of the A.I.M. concepts. Assets are the valuable items owned and kept by an organization to add any type of value which in turn will become means of profit. Asset Integrity is the ability of physical assets to meet all stakeholders' expectations effectively and efficiently. While Asset Integrity Management is a framework consisting of management tools implemented to ensure Asset Integrity throughout the physical assets of an industrial concern.

After doing a gap analysis, it has been observed that in our local context, we need to start our research from scratch. Hence, the objectives and question are set to know the present state of Asset Integrity Management in Medium Scale Manufacturing Industry of Karachi. Followed by the knowledge of globally established AIM frameworks through secondary research, the objectives include attaining quantitative ratings against relevant AIM aspects (also referred to as AIM tools in this study. This data should also be accompanying by insights of underlying obstacles and possible remedies. This need is fulfilled by semi-structured interviews as these factors are better answered by open ended questions.

This research is basically a non-experimental one and based upon the studies specifically done on research methodologies of past Asset Management researches. There are multiple types of assets in possession of subject organizations such as Financial assets, Information Assets etc. but AIM focuses on Physical Assets primarily and views other assets in supporting role. Asset Integrity is the ability of a physical asset to meet all stakeholders' expectations effectively and efficiently e.g. productivity, safe and fault-free operation, compliance to rules & regulations etc. Asset Integrity Management is a framework consisting of management tools which are employed in an organization to ensure Asset Integrity.



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