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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research project is based on developing a broad overview of setting up a call center opportunity in American Express, a globally renowned travel management company in Pakistan. As it is observed today's travel service platforms are evolving to become more than a travel agency of previous decades. Communication patterns and how the customers communicate are rapidly changing - so do the service platform and capabilities of the service provider Call center platform and technology provides a business an opportunity to utilize these tools to collaborate and communicate with its customers. Our business focus and experience enable us to· allocate appropriate client management based on customer requirements, as well as solving underlying causes of business challenges. Organizations are leaning forward to explore new channels for engaging customers within their current customers and simultaneously adaptive to. Innovative and creative business models introducing new technology and processes. The research highlights that on call and face to face customer interactions result in higher cost than agent assisted call center solution. Adopting and aligning call center strategy to meet customer preferences can minimize costs while providing greater customer satisfaction. Currently, there is no such practice of a call. center exists in the travel agency business in Pakistan.

This study draws on a rationale of recent local data about customer preferences in dealing with their suppliers in terms of their technological, financial and operational capabilities as well as considerations for 24/7 call centers - as their customer service. In this study, customer interaction preferences have been discussed in relation to critical business issues such as customer service, brand loyalty, business efficiency, agent productivity and profitability - also considering:

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity with effective performance management.
    • Increased revenues with lower costs and improved bottom line
    • Delivering a best-in-class customer experience across multiple communications channels
    • Proactive approach in technology investment in an ever-changing customer preference

Finally, have made an effort to outline the complementary capabilities, business and technology skills of AEG Travels and our parent American Express. It is explained that how this setup of creating a call center environment in a travel agency business delivers quick return on investment by helping to meet our business goals aiming increased staff productivity levels and revenue with higher customer satisfaction., aiming to provide with a differentiated customer service capability to enhance customer experience.



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