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Executive Summary

Just-in-Time (JJT) is an operating concept based on delivering materials in exact amounts and at the precise times that an organization needs them - thus minimizing inventory costs. In theory, the ideal lot size or order size for a JIT-based system is one unit.

JIT can improve quality and minimize waste and completely change the way an organization performs its logistic activities. JIT is more comprehensive than an inventory management system. It includes a comprehensive culture of quality, supplier partnerships and employee teams.

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of just-in-time approach of inventory management on the inventory and production in automobile industry of Pakistan. In this research, the benefits and hurdles have also been discussed. For this purpose unstructured interviews with supply chain experts were conducted in three different Automobile companies.

The finding of this study reveals that just-in-time approach has a positive impact on both inventory management and production, if it is implemented properly. The advantages include reduction in lead time, operational efficiency, cost saving, flawless processes, desired inventory level, fewer wastages, reduction in buffer stock and easier handling of material.

As far as hurdles are concerned they are deteriorating law and order situation of the country, human resource capital of the companies, buyer and supplier relationships, delayed shipments, and wavering governmental policies etcetera. The limitations of this study are that it has been conducted in context of automobile companies of Pakistan and the findings are confined to automobile industry of Pakistan.

It is hoped that this study will in some way help the automobile industry firms to better understand the critical factors which they must consider while implementation of just-in-time of inventory management and help the future researchers who will conduct further research in this field.



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