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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

  • Diversification is key to any business, for its growth in terms of revenue and market penetration. At Systems Limited, a team of dedicated sales and pre-sales team work hand in hand to initiate, mature, and close opportunities that in return add revenue to the organization.
  • Systems Limited a pioneer in the IT industry of Pakistan, started off way back in 1977 with the objective of providing consulting, and IT services to the public sector of Pakistan. Since then the business has matured and grown tremendously not only in Pakistan but globally, with operations in many multiple countries It is on the verge of becoming a multinational company in the years to come. The resource strength at Systems Limited now crosses 2000+, and it is imperative that every other year Systems Limited management puts together a research, business plan and feasibility report to adopt new lines of businesses / venture into new markets. At present Systems Limited serves all types of organizations, ranging from public to private sector some of which are direct clients and other being indirect (through partners and ventures In other countries).

  • In section, 'Assessment of Line of Businesses' I have taken into consideration the four major lines of businesses at Systems Limited and evaluated them over a certain period on three variables. Cost, Revenue and Target. This in return will provide a high level overview of the current standing of the lines of business, on the basis of which suggestions to the management will be made for diversification.

  • The Problem Statement section, picks up one the of lines of businesses and evaluates on the basis of its decline and the reasons behind them, in this case the 'Enterprise Resource Planning' has been on the decline for many years - we look at the reasons behind the decline.

  • Literature Review, in the case of diversification many researches have been carried on the lines of comparing different lines of businesses however, since the literature review will form the basis of secondary research the review will include documentation available from the top three leading ERP companies, Microsoft, SAP & Oracle.

  • The administration of the primary research is based on designing and having the questionnaire filled out by thirty organizations that either don't have an ERP installed or have a local developed ERP solution.

  • Based on the assumptions made in the study it was made clear that since we had narrowed down choice to only three enterprise solutions making it easier for us to make a decision.

  • The results of the study were both qualitative and quantitative, directing Systems Limited to seriously consider Microsoft Dynamics AX as a choice of the solution.

  • A brief business plan has been put together to address the market, product and financial need for Systems Limited to take into consideration prior to conducting a detailed feasibility report.

  • As a conclusion it is imperative that Systems Limited needs to transit its line of business from product line to the other, and have the large team that is either being under-utilized or being shifted to other projects be trained on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The sooner the better.



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