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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research report is based on e-recruitment which is a growing trend in modern recruitment and human resources practices. The involvement of internet has indeed enhanced the performance level of organizational operations and procedures completed more quickly. Thus the research hypothesis believes that e-recruitment has saved time and cost of the recruitment process by 50% and 70% respectively for which the primary research is conducted using a quantitative approach. Also, the main purpose of this report was to see the recruiter’s perspective about issues of implementation of e-recruitment and how do they follow online system in their recruitment process and eventually to match the results with the research hypothesis.

Computers are used almost everywhere and nowadays mobile phones have become mini computers with so much advanced features that enables users to stay connected even outside offices or homes. The human resource department also uses online resources and systems in their recruitment process which is called e-recruitment. The advent of e-recruitment has given job seekers a huge opportunity to look for opportunities within their own country as well as in international job market. Similarly the multinational companies can advertise jobs on globally accessed websites and can hunt for talent profile in desired region. The advantage of e-recruitment is that it enables recruiters to save huge amount of communication time and endless amount of advertisement cost incurred in conventional recruitment system.

In Pakistan e-recruitment is a common practice of HR managers due to the arrival of multinational companies and international brands. However, the government sectors or departments still lacks behind in implementation of e-recruitment. One aspect of developing own online recruitment system is that it can incur cost as software development in Pakistan seems expensive and it require efforts in its Implementation but most companies allow HR managers to uses existing online cyber agencies, famous job hunting websites or even social media websites for job advertisements. Along with many advantages of e-recruitment like speed, cost effective, attracts bigger poo! of candidates, increasing advertisement sense and managing electronic data recruitment has some drawbacks and sensitive issues like unwanted applications, data confidentiality, no physical involvement and discrimination on non-internet users.

For a country like Pakistan a major portion of employment in labor class which constitutes about 42% of country’s industrial and social employment and most of them come from poor villages and urban areas that do not have access or knowledge about computer systems. The research would like to point out that government should take suitable initiatives for these poor people of Pakistan to setup some awareness programs job centers which could enable more efficient implementation of e-recruitment in Pakistan.

This research report followed a quantitative methodology and carried out research questionnaires amongst 31 respondents. Majority of the sample size, almost 70/o, had than 6 years of HR experience and 80% of respondents are at managerial level so the research sample is considered to be more reliable. It also shows that almost 90% of the respondents agree to go for online job advertisements instead of spending on newspaper or other printed medium and plus the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin also serves as a good communication channel between employers and job seekers. About 38% of the respondents say that online advertisement sense in gaining popularity in Pakistan and about 76% of people spend time on internet looking for jobs or better opportunities. Some major issues pointed out by 83% of respondents say system integration and 64% say technical compatibility.

It can be seen from the research results that speed and cost are counted as most important factors in implementation e-recruitment and it supports research hypothesis that implementation of online recruitment system allows recruiters to save more than 70% of advertisement cost and saves more than 50% of the process time and finally the impact of e-recruitment on organizational performance is increase up to 72%. Moreover, the impact of online recruitment system can be seen in organizational performance as the survey indicated that 78% of the respondent would prefer receiving applications through online system which would save them cost and time.


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