Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

The background of this project is to analyze which management style shall be followed by the employer ENAR Petrotech Services to retain its employees. What are the factors which makes employee motivated and how can ENAR utilize its star employees to perform efficiently in the competitive market. For this purpose I must need to research on both the management and employees. ENAR has been selected for this research because employees are leaving due to grievances in management policies and systems.

The findings of my research are as following:

Employees leave ENAR Petrotech Services because they have negative sentiments regarding the company. They are not satisfied by organization culture. They are disappointed by reward system of ENAR. They feel that ENAR does not spend on employee’s skill and development. Employees also feel that the management is not playing its part. They are not involved in decisions. The leadership style of managers is not appropriate as per situation. The relations of managers and employees are also not good. Mangers are biased and appraisal system is not fair.

The conclusions that I make from my findings is that the ENAR needs to change its culture. It shall conduct market salary survey and make their total reward system as per market. Company shall invest in training's. Managers shall not take sides. Fair appraisal system shall be adopted. Workload shall be appropriate. Mangers shall change their leadership style with each situation.

My research was of high qualitative nature. My research analysis has proved to be a very healthy activity for my learning and has added value to my experience.



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