Hamza Rauf


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

This project involves discovering the perception of residents and visitors concerning safety and security at Maiir Cantonment: The study is exploratory and identifies areas and priorities for future research and strategy formulation in contrast to drawing broader conclusions about perceptions and experiences of security threats and measures. Maiir Cantonment being walled and under heavy direct human observation of trained solders around the clock consider to be one of the most safe and secure place for inmates and visitors all over the Pakistan. The goal was to ascertain though, Maiir Cantonment being found to be perceived as a safe and secure place to live and visit but still what other threats or risks do residents and visitors regards most dangerous and likely to happen. What are the common instances, which caused problems, and who is perceived to be responsible for that, is another question being endeavor to find out. Survey showed that unruly and impatient drivers epitomize a problem to the most and armed force's administrative authorities, and civil administration carried the responsibility in order of priority as they appear in text for the problem. The conduct of staff being placed to perform security duties plays an important role in defining a positive or negative perception. The conduct of staff was ascertained through direct questions and generally, the evaluation of authorities maintaining safety and security at Maiir Cantonment different aspects of their duties remains positive. The degree and means for maintaining the cordial relationship forms an important ingredient of a sustainable, efficient, and workable strategy. Do inmates want to share the responsibility with authorities and what are the means available to them for sharing information is another aspect being looked upon in this study. The study explored that main source of information concerning Maiir Cantonment appears to be obtaining information through someone known or for that matter; personal contact or personal experience appears to be the only source.

The public perception of safety and security is, in fact, an essential starting point for comprehending and afterward framing security and surveillance procedures. The results of this survey will also help institutions in developing priorities in the institutionalization, which includes sustainability of strategies, concerning approaches to the questions of citizen safety.



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