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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Following are the recommendations suggested from this research study:

a. Malpractices and adulterations adopted to increase profit margin by Gwala milk producers along with their bad effects on human health are required to be highlighted through media.

b. To create positive perception about organic milk, there is a need to communicate processes involved in production, nutrients value and other attributes of organic milk to consumers.

c. Establishment of certifying body is necessary to create positive impact about the quality of organic products in minds of consumers.

d. There is a need to identify target market for organic products.

This research study highlights use of Growth hormones to increase milk production. It also covers living conditions of milk producing animals and types of fodders given, along with un-hygienic milking processes that make Gwala milk injurious for human consumption. Such practices adopted are badly affecting the health of consumers and making them vulnerable to cancer, kidney failure, abnormal growth and high blood pressure etc. Health conscious consumers are worried about the quality of milk they consume, so they are inclined towards organic milk. The consumer perceived that production of Organic milk takes place without antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides instead it is done with the help of using naturally accepted practices worldwide.

Establishment of certifying body is necessary to create a positive perception about organic products in the minds of consumers. Non compliance by any producer must be penalized by declaring products as non organic. Certification standards must be followed in true letter and spirit so that consumer develops confidence and trust on the certification.

As organic milk along with other organic products does not target low income consumers due to high prices so the producers of these products must identify niche market of affluent consumers. Awareness and promotional strategies are therefore necessary to address this niche target market.



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