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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Problem Statement; “Selling high price medicine in a price sensitive market like Pakistan has become difficult for multinational pharmaceutical companies

Hypothesis: Selling high price medicine in a price sensitive market is possible with out of box solutions and Think Global- Act Local approach.

Synopsis: Multinational Pharmaceutical companies are focusing now on selling advanced Bio-Tech medicines, owing to growth potential in this segment. F-Hoffmann La Roche the Swiss pharmaceutical giant is leading the world of these bio-sciences medicine. Roche Pakistan Limited a subsidiary of F-Hoffmann La-Roche limited Switzerland, is also selling these high priced and selected medicines, mostly for feared diseases like Cancer, Flepatitis, Transplant management & Osteoporosis management. Pakistan’s majority population is without health insurance and thus the pharmaceutical market is a price-sensitive, out of pocket market. Selling such high price medicines in a price sensitive market like Pakistan is an uphill task, as most of the people cannot afford it and doctors tend to switch to cheaper generics, keeping in view the paying capacity of the patients. The social service sector of developing countries in general and Pakistan in particular is also ill-organized and generally lacks a comprehensive patient’s welfare or reimbursement program.

These MNC’s including RPL adopts different strategies to sell their high price medicines but largely confine to NICHE markets and have not been able to make their medicine available to the majority of patients suffering from various dreaded diseases

Stake-Holders: The survey questionnaire was conducted from senior managers of leading local and multinational pharmaceutical companies operating in Pakistan to find the correct business solution. These managers had a clear understanding of the business and had considerable experience in the industry.



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