Zahoor Iqbal


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access

Executive Summary

Due to various reasons Pakistan has not much developed economically and its future prospect still remained gloomy for large population despite its citizen having talent, its land having resources and good market phenomenon both regulated and unregulated. Major industries are worn out and being utilized below efficiency level as in textile, energy, steel and transport

Several difficulties regarding seasonal crops, professional skills, education, health & benefits and public/private control over production mar the effective output. The economic output thus generated what so ever is also subject to calamities, energy scarce, corruption and political/ethnic biases. Over prolonged period, it has developed such damaged state, that no FDI or mixed market economy mechanism can address capital intensive issue for long term sustainable development.

Basic theme in corporate business organization model is to maximize utility of available resources to benefit the "stake holders" or few persons in essence. This maximize profit motive is the mother of troubled maze in which modern society is now a days. These businesses insensitively do whatever necessary to please investors and even Corporate Social Responsibility is convoluted to marketing gain. In developed world and prospering countries, the large corporation in private control model has already matured, detracted and proven fallible.

Though several corporations and firms have well established social responsibility processes and practices, results are not visible, satisfactory. A cartoon appeared on website for corporate America but is true everywhere for global and local conglomerates. Page



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