Saqib Azeem


Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This research report is based upon the concept of Global Pricing and Billing System (GPBS)and its need in today's modern day Banking in Pakistan. Enterprise sand business are entering the international markets at a very fast pace and are expecting banks to move and grow at the same pace. At the same time after the financial crisis of 2008 the banking margins are declining, and banks need to figure out which of their customers to reward for their loyalty and which customers to price. Currently the banking industry works in Silos, what that signifies is that the customers are priced based on the products offered by the banks. A customer who uses the branch network of a bank a hundred times a day is priced the same way as someone who uses it only once.

For the banks a system like global pricing and billing solutions gives a 360 degree view of the customers. This allows the banks to accurately value their customers and pass pricing advantages and discounts to customers that bring a greater amount of business and consequently price those customers which are loyal customers. For customers it gives them a platform to access all the necessary information required to make quick decision in one place. This research report also highlights additional significant benefits which Banks and customers both can derive while maintaining maximum profitability for banks and fruitful rewards for clients with long term relationship and value.

Through this report an attempt has been made to clarify that there is a need for technological additions in the banking industry for systems like Global Pricing and Billing System and also that a system like this would be feasible for the Pakistani Market. To support these findings, I have interviewed 3 professionals expert in the researched topic from the relevant field in the banking industry. A four person focus group was also conducted along with questionnaires which were filled by 100 respondents all belonging to the banking industry. The research approach was both analytical and applied in nature.

The Pakistani banking industry is usually ahead of the curve in term of innovation and skill in the MENA, Central, and East Asia region. To show that the Pakistani Banking industry lags behind in terms of development of Global Pricing and Billing or similar systems, I have contacted ten professionals in the banking industry who were expert in the researched system to get an understanding of how many banks in their respective countries had implemented the same or similar systems.



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