Deceptive advertising and customer loyalty


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2020

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access


Network quality ,Network services , Internet

Executive Summary

The objective is to analyze to what level deceptive advertising can impact customer loyalty in TELCO's (Telecom Companies) of Pakistan. The scope of this project is limited to telecom sector so the findings cannot be valid for other sectors. Loyalty can also be affected by various factors other than deception so the scope is very much the interaction between loyalty and deception. Program: EMBA Photocopying is prohibited. To be used within library premises Methodology: The report is based on opinion-based interviews and surveys with leading personal marketing practitioners and marketing academics were conducted. Trade and specialist publications were extensively examined, along with business and academic journals. Other sources included newspaper and periodical articles and websites.

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