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Executive Summary

There has been an increase in the tourism industry on the global level. Pakistan is no exception. With the on-going bad \aw and order situation and lack of security within Pakistan, the Pakistani tourists are looking for holiday destinations abroad. But there is another problem; obtaining visa for all the countries on a Pakistani passport is also an issue so that makes the holiday destinations limited for the Pakistani tourists. There is a great need to identify new tourist destinations for the tourists travelling with Green Passports.

Salalah. the second largest city of Oman, is relatively unknown in Pakistan as a tourist destination despite it is one of the most diversified tourist attractions in the Middle East. This place is nearer to Karachi than other tourist destinations preferred by Pakistanis for their vacations. Salalah is located in the Dofar region of Oman. It is spread between the Indian Ocean at the South and Green mountains with springs at the North. The weather / climate of this place is lovely and have drizzling in the 3 months in summer with fog and minimum or no sunshine. The detailed aspects of Salalah such as location, weather, modes to get to Salalah, tourist attractions, main activities, and available accommodation options are covered in this report.



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