Research to introduce Salalah, Oman as a preferred tourist destination for the Pakistani tourists


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2020

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

Access Type

Restricted Access


Tourism -- Pakistan, Travel -- Middle East

Executive Summary

In order to introduce Salalah as a holiday destination to the Pakistani tourists, a thorough research was carried out. The research was to know the preference of the Pakistani tourists, their likes and reasons etc, for choosing particular holiday destination, potential travel preferences, how Middle East is perceived as a tourist destination, the awareness level of a Pakistani tourist about Salalah, tourist and residents feedback about Salalah, indices for increase in tourism activities in Oman and particularly in Salalah. Through this project, some useful information is shared about Salalah and a detailed survey is carried out to find Pakistani's tourists preferences. Program: EMBA Photocopying is prohibited. To be used within library premises Methodology: For research a survey based on structured questionnaire was conducted across Pakistan and other countries. Also opinion based interviews with tourist and residents in Salalah were conducted. Beside this the available published , printed and online literature was examined thoroughly.

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