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Diverse is one word that best describes Pakistan. Marked with some of the richest historical backgrounds; starting from the Indus Valley Civilization, through the Mughal Empire, to British Raj up till its current functioning federal Parliamentary - a quasi democracy. Pakistan land mass is approximately twice the size of California, with a population of over 173 million.

Before the Asian Crisis of 2011, Pakistan poverty levels had decreased by 10%. But today 48% of the population lives below the poverty line, even though there is an annual 4% GDP growth rate to indicate the economy expansion. Despite economic growth a very large proportion of Pakistan population lives in extreme poverty. Yet on the other hand it has one of the fastest growing middle class in the world, and forecasts indicate rapid growth of the consuming class. Disparity is in extremes between the 64% rural and the 36% of the urban population of Pakistan. Due to high unemployment level and lower incomes in rural area there has been a shift of 3% growth in urbanization.

Pakistan Gross Domestic Product is worth 167 US billion dollars or 0.27% of the world economy, it major contributing sectors are agriculture (20%), Industry & manufacturing (24%) and services (56%). The inflation rate stands at 14.2% in consumer prices, dropping purchasing power by.

However, today Pakistan still meets most of the essential requirements that the foreign and local business investments. Her competitive rank is 92 position among 131 nations is by World Economic Forum.



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