Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Banking is one of the biggest service industries in today’s world. Because of its increasing demand and rising trend, a large number of groups have been entered in this business. Which is why we see a large number of domestic and foreign banks’ branches around us. All these banks are offering a wide range of products to customers. Most of the products offered by them similar in features but different in cost. For example, Bank A is offering 10% per annum profit rate over 5 years term deposit while Bank B is offering 9% per annum. During market study came to know that both banks are generating business and earning profit. Bank B with lesser profit rate to customer is also getting good market response and acquiring reasonable market share. Here the question is why all customers do not go for higher profit offering i.e. 10% because money matters for everyone. For getting answer to this question we analyzed working of Bank A & B, we found following two things that help Bank B in competing Bank A.

  • Better Customer Service
  • Better Selling Techniques

This result also revealed us following things

Money/cost plays a role in buying decision of a product but doesn’t play 100%.

(2) Customer compares services of a bank too vis-a-vis cost/return of products.

(3) Impression of banker (sales person) over customers is long lasting as compared to product of the bank.



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