Shariah compliant financing products (SCFP) acceptance within Pakistan market


Master of Business Administration Executive

Faculty / School

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Year of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

MBA Executive Research Project

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Restricted Access


Production -- Pakistan | Marketing | Islamic finance

Executive Summary

The corporate sector receives the lion's share of loans from the banking sector in Pakistan. Almost 75% of total financing given by banks in Pakistan is to the Corporate Sector. (SBPIslamic Banking Bulletin, June 2018) Through a combination of qualitative research and data analysis, this research will attempt to determine the usage behavior, acceptability and other requirements of those Corporate segment clients who have utilized Islamic Financing facilities in order to determine the main factor (or factors) which might result in increased usage of Islamic Financing facilities by Corporate entities. This report will initially provide a brief introduction to Islamic Banking followed by the some details regarding the background to the introduction of Islamic Banking in Pakistan. Brief profiles of the main Islamic banks presently operating in Pakistan as well as definition of the main facilities/products offered by Islamic Banks will also be provided. This will be followed by the Problem Statement, Research Questions, Design, Methodology, and Literature Review. Primary research will be conducted through usage of questionnaire which will be provided to Corporate Users of Islamic Banking Financing facilities in Karachi, Pakistan. The purpose of this questionnaire will be to study usage behavior, satisfaction levels and reasons for utilization of Islamic financing by corporate entities in Pakistan in order to determine the factor (or factors) which might result in increased utilization of Islamic Financing by Corporate Entities in Pakistan. This will be done through data analysis through usage of Microsoft Excel. The above-mentioned research will be supplemented through interviews with 2 Islamic Banking professionals and 2 corporate users of Islamic Banking financing facilities in order to gain further insight about the research objective. Based upon the findings of the research, Conclusion and Recommendations will then be provided.

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