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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Pakistan, a country in the South Asia, is a land full of natural resources and human resources. But due to various factors, such as bad law and order situation, unavailability of electricity, Extortions, inflation and currency devaluation, the educated and well trained and skilled workforce is moving abroad for employment.

In order to Gauge Expectations and Satisfaction Levels for Pakistani Professionals Working Abroad, a thorough research was carried out. The research objective was to know:

  • The reason why Pakistanis Professional are moving abroad for work.
  • The expectation of the professionals before joining foreign employment.
  • The satisfaction level after joining work abroad.
  • The areas where the Pakistani professionals are happier and where they aren't.
  • The status of professional working in Pakistan and their intentions to join employment abroad.
  • Indices for workforce and the foreign employment for Pakistani Professionals.

For the research, a survey based on structured questionnaire was conducted across Pakistan and other countries. Respondents, which belonged to various demographics and psycho graphics among the target audience, answered a mix of open ended and close ended questions in August 2014. The statistical evaluation of the responses is done and the charts for each question's response are developed. Also opinion based interviews with senior professionals working within Pakistan and abroad were conducted. The main focus of the interviews is to gather the feedback of their expectation, satisfaction level and reason for moving abroad.

Besides this the available published, printed and online literature was examined thoroughly. The main sources that were reviewed were newspaper articles, research journals, websites, bloqs and Business Reports.

After thorough review of the literature, analysis of the survey questionnaire and detailed opinion based interviews, the research concludes that Pakistanis professionals working abroad have lesser satisfaction level in the foreign employment that their expectations before joining The leading case for respondents to look for employment abroad or to work abroad or to law and Order situation in Pakistan, followed by Unavailability of electricity, Bhatta / Extortion / Snatching etc. Inflation of PKR devaluation.



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