Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

This study is carried out to analyze the effect and relationship of persons Order in his Family (ie Eldest, Youngest or Middle Child) upon his success in his Professional life. In To carry out this study a questionnaire was developed comprising of some basic questions and the some specific questions to analysis the ten traits of successful person and their relative presence in each Child Order (ie First, Middle & Youngest Child).The result of the Research found to be very promising. Middle Children found to posses maximum score on success scale while the Eldest Child posse’s second highest score and youngest children obtained the minimum score on success scale. Eldest Child scored highest in trait of Creativity and devising new method for doing job. So for highly Creative Jobs Eldest Children are Suitable and will be successful. Youngest children scored highest in the traits of hard work and trait of taking responsibility for failure and Self reliant behaviour. So Jobs these Children could earn their success through hard work and by learning thi'ough self analysis of mistakes. Middle Children Scored highest traits and on top on success scale. These persons Love challenges and never quit in toughest situations. They respond quickest to the changing conditions. Middle Children Enjoys Living Present moment While keeps eye on future Instead of wasting time in thinking about past. They Keep balance at the time of stress, turmoil or crises and solves problem in a relaxed way. They spend time on Improving their personality and soft skills and fixing flaws, They possess Highest ability of networking, they have eagerness to learn.



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