Master of Business Administration Executive

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Internet has become a necessity in urban lifestyle all around the world. Internet was introduced in late 90's in Pakistan when Pakistan was connected to the world through internet. Although internet speeds were very slow, a market was immediately created for this new technology. Hundreds of ISPs sprung up and internet was in business in Pakistan. In 2000s however this phenomena reached its peak when high speed broadband Internet connections were introduced. This gave rise to new businesses; new trends in education, health and trade came into vogue.

Mobile phones also became technologically advanced and in came into market. These phones have higher capabilities processors, more memory and greater application support.

With the advent of smartphones internet usage on mobile phones has increased. This is due to smartphones higher capabilities than ordinary feature phones. This research revealed that most people spend more time on smartphones than they did earlier on their conventional phones. Through a survey 96% people agreed with this notion.

It was also established that people show an increasing trend of using internet through their smartphones. Almost all people agreed that at least 30% of their internet usage is through smartphones. Mostly this usage corresponds to social media sites and online chat apps.

This research also found that some of the users of smartphones did not use internet before they had smartphones. At least 13% agreed that they did not use internet before they had smartphone. 96% respondents agreed that their Internet usage has increased with smartphones.



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