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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

An image of a country is perhaps more important than the actual offering of a country. The worth lies in what is being thought about it rather than what it actually is. Various examples can be seen around us where states are struggling to enhance this image and make it as good as it gets.

This research was initially proposed to study the factors involved in building an image of a country. The study was quantitative in nature. Structured questionnaire was introduced to 96 respondents belonging to different nationalities. Questionnaire was given in physical form as well as online. The methodology was adopted to overcome the barrier of physical availability at the place of research.

Questionnaire consisted of eight major questions covering aspects iike age, nationality, personaiity trait of optimism, travel history, gender, source of information, image of Pakistan & factors that contribute most to the building of that image, image of Pakistan was determined by 12 sub factors which were equally divided among positively worded and negatively worded variables. Image was tested on positive factors like peace, wealth, beauty, development, independence and integrity and negative factors including terrorism, poverty, slums, detonation, suppression and corruption.

The results indicated that factors like age, gender, optimistic attitude towards countries and travel history does not have an effect on image of Pakistan however nationality and source of information do influence the image of Pakistan to some extent. Results were not significant enough to generate conclusive data yet the evaluation of raw data gave rich source of information for further researches.

The results also concluded that the image is most influenced by media be it international or local,

On the basis of results we recommended following steps to be taken to get people interested in Pakistan,

Exhibitions, Music, scholarships exchanges, Extensive national branding and country image advertising. Management of Public relations. Trade shows. Conferences & Seminars. Development of Websites & Tourism.

The research study also highlighted some gaps that need to be filled for further authentic exploration For example the available referencing and tools are developed for one nation only, which more often being United States of America. Hence the effect of culture is unavoidable In background literature.



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